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Group Healthcare Insurance

Protect yourself and your staff with simple and modular healthcare packages, approved by local regulators.

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Liability Insurance

Our liability policies cover you and your employees for your legal liabilities to the public that may arise from your business activity.

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Insure your assets against marine hazards worldwide.

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Motor Fleet Insurance

Comprehensive insurance for your motor fleet, covering all vehicles owned by your company under one policy.

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At AXA, we are always committed to serve you with high-quality products and plans that focus on making your life easier and better.

We’ve set up different touchpoints that allow you to access and purchase our insurance plans and services.

These touchpoints will make the purchasing process easier and will allow you to get a quote, buy a policy, activate or cancel your plans, add extra benefits to your current or required plans and many more services that were designed to ensure you get to have a tailored and seamless experience.

We have call centre representatives to take your calls, advisers to help you choosing your insurance plans, and helpful agents to meet you in our branches.

No matter where you are, you can always reach us at your convenience.


AXA Gulf becomes GIG Gulf

Under GIG Gulf, you can expect to receive the same quality products that you have come to expect from AXA. We will continue to operate as usual, with our people, products and services all remaining the same, but with a new brand identity.
Moving forward, the legal integrity, operating model, people and leadership teams will be fully maintained as well as our representation of AXA’s interests in the region.